Cultural exhibition based on the food chain in the mythology shown via deadly sins, particularly in greed and avarice. The greed is related with alimentary excesses –the strongest link feeds on the weakest link, and the avarice is associated to possession and persecution –living beings need to possess what gives them sustenance. All works exhibited

«Genius at work» Rodin

For all the Auguste Rodin lovers, you could find an incredible collection of his artwork in the Groninger Museum until the next 30th April 2017. Without any doubt, this exposition show you the efficiency of Rodin’s methods of reproduction and edition. Through experimental practices whom are complicated to understand even today, this exposition presents different

Let’s start

Dear reader, the following pages will provide you an overview of curiosities that I have created over the last years. All of them portray a variety of ideas and topics. It is my hope that, when you see these artworks, you will enjoy as much as I did creating them. In the following days, I


WHAT IS A HOUSE FOR YOU? Right now, you might be thinking about your own house, that intimate and personal space in which some typical events of your dialy life happen. Indeed, you are in the right path! Because each person’s life experiences personalize that space and make it unique. We build and transform the


Water is the main medium that causes the rock weathering in rivers, it transports and transforms the sediments that are in its path. These sediments can be carried by surface and subsurface runoff, provoking different dispositions and shapes in the sediments. Also, there are different factors that influent in size and arrangement of sediments, like