About Me

I studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid and afterwards I decided to develop my knowledge in the scenography field. In 2017, I finished an MA in Scenography and Exhibition spaces at the European Design Institute of Madrid. From the beginning, I have been interested in set design for theatre and exhibition spaces, so I learned about scenography design, from the concept based on the play script to the materialization through digital illustration, scale models or 2D and 3D constructions. I became truly involved in the master and I finally obtained the honourable mention award.

This active involvement in the master gave me the opportunity to collaborate with a set design studio. From 2017 to 2019, I was collaborating on the design of different theatre plays that will be released in Spain as well as in Europe. Due to this opportunity, I have learned the steps involved in the design and development of diverse scenography projects.

Besides, I participated in a museum research program offered by the Community of Madrid. This program, «Laboratory for Museo-graphical research and experimentation» (LIME), suggested a multidisciplinary exercise in which artists, industrial designers, and architects proposed alternatives for the traditional exhibit supports. The year following completion of this program, the yearbook of the laboratory was published with our investigation.

Furthermore, I work as an art teacher for six years now. Providing personalized lessons of drawing, painting, sculpture and art history in order to provide a well-founded knowledge of art movements. In this way, I intend to give my students the guidelines to develop a personal critical view of their artistic artworks.

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