Scenography survey

This post is dedicated to the survey that I developed for the Final Project of the scenography and ephemeral installations course. This is based on the effect of material and light qualities in horses during an equestrian show.

Participants will be randomly transported to different scenarios where one horse and his rider are performing a show. Four scenarios will test the fear of the animal to pass near the set design. The following illustrations will ensure the plausibility of the scenarios with a possible reality.

An opaque material without light
An opaque material with light
A transparent material without light
A transparent material with light

Fantasía a Caballo SICAB ed. 29. Lores Espinosa von Wichmann Copyright, 2019. Edited by Patricia Navarro Cantón.

Patricia Navarro Cantón

BA bachelor graduated from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and currently student of Scenography at the IED design school of Madrid while I teach art classes as a professor.

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