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The 3.0 Showcase

The 3.0 Showcase

The project that I am introducing is called “The 3.0 Showcase. The smart glass as an interactive element”, it is a research proposal of my group at the Laboratory of investigation and experimentation of Madrid (LIME). This program, LIME, suggests a multidisciplinary exercise in which artists, industrial designers and architects will propose alternatives for the

Mutatis Mutandis

The subject of this post is a sculpture project that I develop during my last university’s year and that I have been taken up at the end of the last year. In addition, I have had the opportunity to participate in a collective Christmas Exhibition in the Eka & Moor Art Gallery the last December. This project

Los Goya

«Los Goya» is a project based on the Spanish television Awards. The main scenographic element is a Möbius strip that portray the Claim «Course of Action». This concept reflects the evolution and consolidation of people’s professional background with their respective ups and downs. Concept «Course of action» Achieve your goal depends of your involvement during