Cultural exhibition based on the food chain in the mythology shown via deadly sins, particularly in greed and avarice. The greed is related with alimentary excesses –the strongest link feeds on the weakest link, and the avarice is associated to possession and persecution –living beings need to possess what gives them sustenance.

All works exhibited are inspired in different periods and mythologies throughout the history. And the categories of works of art subject to disclose the food chain nature and behavior of their species.

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Producers Food Chain room

Consumers Food Chain room

Decomposers Food Chain room

Conversley Food Chain room

«He who was the cause of such harm, a force of weeping, made the tree grow that with tears watered» Garcilaso de la Vega



Patricia Navarro Cantón

BA bachelor graduated from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and currently student of Scenography at the IED design school of Madrid while I teach art classes as a professor.

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