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Hello dear reader, I would like to tell you some enriching experiences that I have had in the past two weeks.

At the beginning of the last week, I had the opportunity to take part in the exhibition assembly of the “83 salón de Otoño” at the showroom of Tres Cantos City Council. This is the first time that the showroom hosts some winning artists of the contemporary artistic call. So, it was a great opportunity to collaborate with the showroom team and meet the four talented artists.

The showroom is divided in four areas, where each artist could organize the composition of his art collection. After that, we checked in detail the straightness of all the paintings to continue placing labels in their respective places and heights next to the artworks. The last thing was to prepare the room for the upcoming inauguration.


Last weekend, I had the pleasure of delivering my last painting on request. An acrylic interpretation of “Houses in Murnau on Obermarkt” of Wassily Kandinsky, 1908. I really hope that her owner will like and love this painting as much as I enjoyed it when I was painting it.

I can understand why it was so important the Impressionism and Fauvism of the early twentieth century for some abstract paintings such as Kandinsky. For example on the manner in which they reduced the reality into color strokes and how artists used the pure color of the pigments. It would been very interesting to visit Paris at that time!


Finally, I had the opportunity to see one of the last trials of “Bodas the Sangre” at the theatre of María Guerrero in Madrid. I really felt myself through the Federico García Lorca skin. This was possible because of a wonderful environment and an ideal play. Furthermore, I felt identified with the story for two reasons: Firstly, characters wore a contemporary clothing that any person could wear in her real life. And secondly, they succeeded in introducing the viewer inside the stage with the use of mirrors that covered all the stage box’s walls.

Life… that’s what they need more than anything else… life -Mother

Patricia Navarro Cantón

BA bachelor graduated from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and currently student of Scenography at the IED design school of Madrid while I teach art classes as a professor.

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