WHAT IS A HOUSE FOR YOU? Right now, you might be thinking about your own house, that intimate and personal space in which some typical events of your dialy life happen. Indeed, you are in the right path! Because each person’s life experiences personalize that space and make it unique. We build and transform the


Water is the main medium that causes the rock weathering in rivers, it transports and transforms the sediments that are in its path. These sediments can be carried by surface and subsurface runoff, provoking different dispositions and shapes in the sediments. Also, there are different factors that influent in size and arrangement of sediments, like


Both humans and insects are short living being. As species they are important for the evolution of our planet, but as individuals they are fragile and negligible compared with the amount of them that exist in the world. Our society is directly connected with technological resources. For this reason future generations will be more familiar


With this project I wanted to show the social overcrowding characterized by the housing agglomeration in a poor environment. Especially I focused my thoughts on a specific type of precarious settlement, the slum or Favela. These settlements grow around or inside big cities, being the reflection of economic differences between populations of this country. This