Los Goya

«Los Goya» is a project based on the Spanish television Awards. The main scenographic element is a Möbius strip that portray the Claim «Course of Action». This concept reflects the evolution and consolidation of people’s professional background with their respective ups and downs. Concept «Course of action» Achieve your goal depends of your involvement during

Art in all its forms

Hello dear reader, I would like to tell you some enriching experiences that I have had in the past two weeks. At the beginning of the last week, I had the opportunity to take part in the exhibition assembly of the “83 salón de Otoño” at the showroom of Tres Cantos City Council. This is

«Genius at work» Rodin

For all the Auguste Rodin lovers, you could find an incredible collection of his artwork in the Groninger Museum until the next 30th April 2017. Without any doubt, this exposition show you the efficiency of Rodin’s methods of reproduction and edition. Through experimental practices whom are complicated to understand even today, this exposition presents different

Let’s start

Dear reader, the following pages will provide you an overview of curiosities that I have created over the last years. All of them portray a variety of ideas and topics. It is my hope that, when you see these artworks, you will enjoy as much as I did creating them. In the following days, I